The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of the quietly authoritative and impressive conductor, Janusz Piotrowicz, visited the sumptuous Royal Hall, and left their audience wanting  more. .. Piotrowicz, one of the world’s most lauded conductors .. skilfully opened the [Schubert Unfinished] by establishing the dark mood  in the depths of the orchestra before providing much needed relief with the glorious, uplifting passage for the cellos  .. Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite No 1 was played with a lightness and deftness of touch that was refreshing in such familiar pieces .. brought the first half to a spine-tingling close. Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 From the New World was perhaps the most eagerly anticipated piece of the evening …  a performance that was inspiring, absorbing and uplifting .. it brought the concert to a rousing finale. Yorkshire Post September 2012


Northern Sinfonia 5th May 2012 Ripon Cathedral – Music Web International


Soumm and Piotrowicz breathe new life into old favourites

“Janusz Piotrowicz has something of a reputation for generating high octane performances and this was already evident in the opening work thanks to the nimble response of Northern Sinfonia. Come the violin concerto he met his match in Alexandra Soumm, but it made for a perfect match for this was one of the finest performances of the [Mendelssohn] I have ever heard. It positively sizzled .. Alexandra delivers playing of astonishing power from a slight frame in a way that seems to defy nature. The three component parts of orchestra, conductor and soloist were interpretatively at one, negotiating their way through roller coaster tempi with perfect ensemble. Many interpretations of the Pastoral take a fairly relaxed view of Beethoven’s rustic world … Piotrowicz’s countryside however was a place of colour-heightened vibrancy. This country tour kept moving, there being a sense of constant, latent energy. The birdsong passage helped to highlight another strength of the performance which was the playing of the wind section … every soloist responded with playing of distinction. The result was that three popular old scores were picked up, dusted down and polished to shine anew.”     Music Web International 9th May 2012


Review 2011 – Orchestra of Opera North Weber, Dvorak, Brahms

“Piotrowicz’s response to the Brahms Fourth Symphony was one of trenchant power, tempos always pushing forward in the outer movements, his slow movement drawing playing of beauty from the strings and along the way the principal horn’s solo passages were outstanding. The concert had opened in dramatic mood with Weber’s overture to his opera Euryanthe, the brass bringing sonorous impact, the work’s ending suitably triumphant”   Yorkshire Post


Review 2010 – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Beethoven, Mozart

“ opening with a highly charged account of the Coriolan overture .. the Seventh Symphony can be viewed in many ways,  Piotrowicz pointing to the drama of the outer movements .. urging the horns to dominate in brazen flourishes in the finale .. the linking passages .. were projected with uncommon power .. central movements characterised with grace and lyrical woodwind beauty .. oboe solos being of a gorgeous quality. Jupiter Symphony .. admirable balance between light and shade” Yorkshire Post


“The first thing I noticed was the power of the string sound in relation to the orchestra .. the Haffner sounded splendid .. a very exciting last movement .. In the Flute Concerto .. the young soloist Adam Walker is clearly on the threshold of a distinguished career .. [his] particularly fluid, lyrical sound. After the interval, Piotrowicz launched into an uncompromising Eroica .. [he] successfully drove them onwards .. and this, combined with a sense of steady cumulative build-up and the rare interpolations of magical repose, resulted in a particularly powerful listening experience .. a searing excitement. Much of Beethoven is - or at least should be - a dangerous place. Janusz Piotrowicz must be congratulated on having the courage to drag the players to that place” Music Web International 2009


“The RPO players responded magnificently to some tempi which were surely faster than they were used to and they really did look as if they were enjoying themselves.. the music positively fizzed.. the beautifully played cor anglais solo was a revelation, seeming to float into space” (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Piotrowicz Dvorak 9 Brahms 1)   Music Web International 2008


“Rarely will you hear the anger and bitterness of Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony unleashed with such unremitting force and acerbity. It took the Orchestra of Opera North to the edge of their combined virtuosity, strings digging deep into their instruments to match the power of the brass .. the Allegro was taken just about as fast an any orchestra could tackle, but it worked in adding that final tingle factor” (Orchestra of Opera North/Piotrowicz Wagner, Borodin, Sibelius, Shostakovich) Yorkshire Post 2008


“I was conscious of hearing … the biggest sound coming from four string players that I have ever heard. This ensemble plays with a full blooded weight, power and singing vibrato that can lead to rare emotional intensity” (Razumovsky Ensemble) John Leeman, MusicWeb International 2006


“Fresh and spontaneous .. the atmospheric contrasts were especially ravishing .. the Andante Religioso was sublime .. celestial surrealism .. power and introspection .. a profound performance”  (Manchester Camerata/Leeds PhilharmonicChorus/Piotrowicz) The Guardian


“Rufus Wright told the story with fire and eloquence and true Byronic – almost demonic – energy”(Trust Byron at Markenfield Hall)  Darlington & Stockton Times


“[The festival is] seriously competitive .. it ranks with the best” Ates Orga, producer


“Marvellously emotive .. an evening of sheer magic” (Miklos Perenyi, Cello) Darlington & Stockton Times


“Janusz was at his most supremely expressive .. alive to the music in every fibre .. the consummate Romantic conductor .. this man is a gift to any orchestra” (Orchestra of Opera North/Janusz Piotrowicz ) Darlington & Stockton Times


“Wit and wisdom poured from the mouth of Adrian Henri” (The Liverpool Poet at Fountains Hall 1998)  Ripon Gazette

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