Author Jonathan Tulloch – ‘Larkinland’

Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 3 pm    Ripon Spa Hotel

‘Larkinland’, Jonathan’s new book, is a fictionalisation        larkinland book cover

of the poetic world of Philip Larkin.                                            


Tulloch deftly builds Larkin’s poems into a sustained

landscape, peopled by his characters and a version of

Larkin himself. Hilarious and deeply moving, it is a

compelling love story, mystery and biographical novel.

Jonathan has published seven novels, winning the

J. B. Priestley Award for The Lottery and the Betty Trask Prize.

His first novel The Season Ticket was made into a

film ‘Purely Belter’, serialised on Radio 4 and adapted

for the stage.  Passionate about nature, Jonathan

also writes Nature Notebook for The Times.



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